My initial motive for setting up a blog was to be accountable for my own finances, to track my progress and my journey to financial freedom. During my financial distress, I searched high and low looking forĀ inspirations/advice/information on personal finance matters from local websites or blogs that can help young women like me get out of debt and get my financial life in order. To my disappointment, I was not able to find much information. IĀ have no idea if Singaporean women are so good in managing their finances that they do not need help, or that they are actually as clueless as I was. I eventually found advice and information on personal finance blogs from the states, as well as from mentors in my workplace.

Financial literacy wasn’t something that was taught in school. I don’t know about you, but I sure did not learn about money from my parents as well. By starting Get Rich Diva, I hope to help young Singaporean women learn the importance of saving money, getting out of debt, building wealth, and having the right mindset and values about money and how it can improve one’s life greatly.

Life isn’t just about clothes, bags, shoes and make up (gee, I used to believe in those), it’s about values, family, friends, being a better person, the correct mindsets and attitude, and realizing your dreams. By getting my financial life in order, the other aspects of my life improved as well, all within a short period of time. I begin to search deeper within myself, found my goals and dreams, and work on being a better and happier person.