Credit cards for Krisflyer Miles

Lately I’ve been shopping around for a credit card to earn miles for “free” air tickets.

I ended up applying for over 3 cards and got myself really confused, so I thought I’ll do up a comparison for myself and for anyone out there who are interested in a travel card as well.


The best miles card out there seems to be the UOB PRIV miles card with 1.6 miles for every dollar spent. It worked especially well for people like me who are getting married and paying for big ticket items like wedding and house renovation. By spending $50,000 a year, I’ll get 80,000 miles + 20,000 bonus miles. It is not difficult to fly to Europe or the States and back for free if you are spending on such big ticket items.
Here is what 100,000 miles can do for you:

Moreover, there’s 15% in savings when you redeem for miles online!

For the normal folks who wants a miles card for regular spending, the Amex Ascend Card is very attractive as it gives up to 12,832 miles when you meet the terms and conditions:


Now you can easily redeem for a one way ticket to Cebu, Bangkok, Phuket or Hanoi!
Do note that this card is probably good to use for the first few months due to its signing up promotion. For regular usage, it only gives about 0.83 miles for every $1 spent. Personally, I would switch back to the UOB PRIV miles card after taking advantage of the Amex promotion.

Hope this helps!


3 thoughts on “Credit cards for Krisflyer Miles

  1. I faced the same issues when selecting a credit card – the air miles ones do seem attractive but it would depend on how often you fly/travel for holidays. In the end, I ended up choosing one from DBS which afforded me points which I could use to redeem for meal vouchers at restaurants or retail outlets; I prefer the flexibility it offers rather than just focusing on air miles alone. But to each his/her own I guess! Thanks for this comparison.

    • Hi Musicwhiz, I was using the Standard Chartered’s Manhattan card which gives a quarterly cash rebate of $200 with every $4,000 spent in the quarter. However, I stopped using it when they raise the bar to about $7,000 instead. Hence I decided to shop around for a miles card since I’ll be spending on big ticket items in the coming year. If you prefer dining vouchers, these cards works well too! You can choose not to convert to miles, and just earn the normal DBS or UOB points which you can then redeem vouchers. What I like about these cards is the flexibility for conversion. Cheers! 🙂

      • Thanks Jasmine that’s informative. I didn’t realize SCB made it more stringent to earn rebates on their card. Apparently a 5% ($200/$4,000) rebate was a little too generous on their part and so they decided to reduce this to just 2.9% ($200/$7.000). The problem also arises when you exceed the threshold; you are getting an effective rebate which is less than the headline as you are now dividing the rebate by a larger denominator.

        I used to own the UOB One Card but I had discontinued its use because of this very reason. A $30 rebate every quarter with spending of at least $300 per month (implying $900 minimum per month), so that you can enjoy a 3.33% rebate ($30/$900); problem was I always ended up exceeding the minimum for each month because it is tough to time your purchases accurately to just be within the threshold. Banks know this and exploit this so that your effective rebate level is lower than the advertised rates. Sly but that’s how the banks work – in fact they are subsidizing all your rewards and perks from those who are rolling their balances at 24% per annum and from those taking up lines of credit at 12%-18% per annum.

        This was why I decided to change to a card with reward points – I agree with you that it gives flexibility in terms of redemption, and you can choose from a variety of rewards.

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