My Favourite Personal Finance Bloggers

Getting out of debt and trying to gain control of my financial life wasn’t easy. Thankfully, I encountered these Personal Finance blogs which really helped and motivated me.

And now, I hope to share these sites with you.

1) The Simple Dollar

I find Trent Hamm’s blog to be especially inspiring because not only is he partially handicapped (blind in one eye and deaf in one ear), he also went through a complete financial overhaul (like me) and managed to clear his debt within eight months.

He not only writes about every financial related topics from how to save money, clear debt and invest, but also writes about how to be a better person and on behavioural finance, a topic that is of great interest to me. Some of my favourite blog post from Trent includes the following:

does money buys happiness
17k in credit card debt
14 simple money rules of Trent which he lives by, which sounds like very good advice to me

2) Afford Anything

I love this blogger! We corresponded through a few emails and with Paula Pant‘s encouragement, I started my blog and she gave me some ideas on how to go about doing it.

Paula is an inspiration in the sense that she is living the life of her dream and travels and writes for a living. She is also a landlord and bought her fourth house before the age of 30. She is the epitome of living a passionate and financially free life.

Here’s a few of my favourite posts by Paula:
Only rich people invest
You can afford anything, but not everything
Reasons we spend money
Money vs Happiness
Reading Afford Anything helped me searched deeper within myself as to why I had previously overspent. I found out that when I buy things, I am actually using material goods to fill up voids in my life, to try to make myself feel better, and found out that I shop or spend relentlessly when I’m stressed or unhappy (basically with myself).

3) Len Penzo

Len writes in a quirky yet practical manner on most of his posts and I found myself reading his blog the entire Saturday morning and afternoon the first time I came across it.

Here’s a few good reads:
Secrets of the millionaire next dollar
Driving an expensive car is not impressive
Debt free people
15 year vs 30 year Mortgage loan and Reasons not to repay mortgage loan early

Besides reading about personal finance articles, I’ve also spent a lot of my time reading about rich and successful people, and trying to pick up their good habits as well. What better ways to be successful than to learn and read about such successful people?

I hope you’ll like these bloggers and find their articles useful like I did. There are many more financial bloggers out there who had helped me in one way or another, which I can’t possible list them all. If there’s a chance, I’ll like to meet them personally and thank them for impacting my life somehow. And of course, I hope to be an inspiration like them one day. Wish me luck!


4 thoughts on “My Favourite Personal Finance Bloggers

  1. Thank you Jasmine for these links – I will go through them slowly.

    But I notice they are mostly USA-based – obviously USA culture has a big problem with debt and most of them are saddled with tons of loans and are cash flow negative. This is why your blog is a relatively uncommon one – there are not many blogs based in Singapore, written by Singaporeans which focus on personal finance issues. Most of them are investment-related which throw in an article or two on personal finance.

    Thanks again and keep up the good sharing!

    • Hi Musicwhiz, yeah you’re right. They are mostly US based blogs as I wasn’t able to find much reading materials on personal finance matters locally. This is one reason why I started blogging, to help young adults like me to get out of debt, start saving money, plan for retirement and basically, learn how to manage their finances as it is such an important aspect in life which had been neglected by many. I also realised gaining an interest in money matters is more psychological than anything else and I hope to write more on this aspect, not just on ways and methods.

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