Who I Am

I recently share this on Facebook and thought I should share this on my blog as well, although it’s totally not financially related in any way. And oh yeah, I cut my hair right after my wedding. Short hair rocks!


During my teenage years, I was busy trying to be someone I was not. Trying to fit in, trying to be popular.

I spent the majority of my 20s trying to figure out who I am and what I want, and trying to impress people that doesn’t matter. I got upset whenever I learnt that someone disliked me and I’m always trying to gain the approval of other people.

During the later part of my 20s, things started to fall into place, and I stopped caring so much, about what others think of me, stopped trying to impress people whom are not close to my heart. I learnt how to read people and to trust them less easily.
In my late 20s, I feel like I’m finally comfortable in my own skin. I no longer feel uncomfortable lunching by myself, or just being by myself. In fact, I enjoy my own company now, to read or just to reflect on things. I was an inner geek when I was young, and this is who I am. I’m the happiest when I’m reading or learning new things. I crave for knowledge and answers like I crave for oxygen.

Environment and society had shaped me in some ways too. I became a social butterfly, I cared too much about my looks, I became outspoken, and was too fun loving. For awhile, I struggled between being an introvert and an extrovert at the same time. I’m an introvert by nature, and an extrovert by nurture. Now, I know it’s perfectly fine to be both. I ignored my phone when I need to be alone with a good book. I’ll go for drinks or dinner with friends when I need to be surrounded by people. But the first and last thing I need to do every single day and night is to read. I am that passionate about reading. For it is through reading that I find answers, satisfaction and growth.

I am also someone who embraced changes. I feel suffocated when my job is stagnant, when there is no challenges at work and no new things to learn and overcome. For this fact alone, I know that I can never be a stay at home mom or wife, and I’m glad my husband recognize and respect that. I like to earn my keep and not rely on anyone financially. In fact, I enjoy the process of accumulating wealth and I know I’ll become fairly well to do one day, through my very own effort.

Friends who knows me knows that I have a need to change my hairstyle every now and then. But few really understand it is to represent the notion of my need for constant change and improvement. At the same time I need a stable relationship, a man who is always there for me, and now that man is my husband. He is someone I can rely on amidst the unpredictability and challenges that I craved for in life.

I have a new found passion too. The topic of personal finance and early retirement interest me greatly. I get excited talking about investments and about properties too. I dream of gaining freedom from having to work for the sake of money alone. I want to enjoy doing many different things at the same time, whenever I want to.

Now a little bit more about the extroverted part of me. I like making friends and meeting new people. I think it takes all sorts to make the world and I love how colourful our world is. People are like characters in books and I can learn so much from all the different characters I met. I am always curious to know the thought process of others, and why they are the way they are. Friends say I can befriend anyone and everyone easily. I guess it’s because I have a genuine interest in people and can relate to them easily.

I am girly in appearance but I’m like a tomboy at most times. I’m not afraid of snakes, lizards, worms or spiders (the only creatures I’m scared of are bees, don’t ask me why). I hate to shower cos I find it so troublesome. I like watching horror shows, and I like looking at pretty girls too, much like a typical guy. But don’t worry, I am 101% straight. I just like to admire beautiful things and people.

As for my favorite sports, it has got to be running. I don’t have to interact with anyone and can be lost in my own thoughts when I am running. This is also the time when I figured most things out.

I think recently I fell in love with writing as well, although my grammar isn’t fantastic and my vocabulary isn’t exactly fantastic too. Writing helps channel my thoughts into words and it just felt comforting to write. Hope I’ll get better as I write more blogposts.



6 thoughts on “Who I Am

  1. You can ignore all the opinions of others if you have your “True North”. You don’t always get it right but generally if you ignore others, you have to be almost sure what you choose is Fundamentally Sound.

    Fail Fast, Fail Small, Fail Forward

  2. I am seriously impress that there is a girl that is so interested in personal finance…moreover, u are a hot!! Damn i need to resume blogging..u look prettier with short hair by the way ;D
    Keep up your good work…i started my financial health knowledge not long ago too..if u ever want to exchange ideas lets hook up cheers

    • Hi Guru!

      Yeah there sure isn’t that many girls who are interested in Personal Finance matters, but I sure am nuts about it! Personally, I’ve been in debt and I read a lot on how to climb out of debt, start saving, and invest. After reading countless posts and articles, I fell in love with Personal Finance.

      Haha and thanks, I prefer to be known for my wits than looks though 🙂


      • Hey, i read on your earlier posts and realised we share many resemblances in our life, i saw once my high flying dad who used to own 2 mercedes and private properties lose it all..i know exactly how u feel. I am glad you are out of credit card debt now. I used to take up facial packages too and it is crazy on the amount spent!
        I was also so crazy to be financially free that i was doing anything to earn more..anyway..i am really keen to know on how you are planning to save/invest for the subsequent properties after MOP, likewise, i am planning on the same path like you. I will be glad if we exchange ideas on this, my email address is kelvin.ng1237@gmail.com

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