Wedding Budget

Wedding is one of those life events that depletes or eats into a major part of our savings. Albeit money well spent, it is important not to go into debt for just a one day event. Having been debt ridden, I was extra careful and one of the very first thing on my planning list was to work out a budget even before we started on our wedding preparation.

Our Wedding Budget

Our Wedding Budget

(Do note that I did not include the cost of my engagement ring, dowry price, betrothal gifts and red packets collected as these are subjective and confidential.)

Areas we saved on:

1) We decided on a lunch banquet for our wedding because we refused to pay 30% more for dinner at the same hotel, for the same ballroom, and with everything else being the same just because one was held during the day, and the other at night.

Amount saved: $8,845.20 (Lunch costs $968++ per tables, Dinner at $1,238++ per table)

2) Instead of going to a dental clinic to have our teeth whiten at $1,000 per person, we decided to purchase one of those Groupon vouchers at $99 each. I would say it works as our teeth were a few shades lighter, but more sessions are recommended for better results.

Amount saved: $1,802.00

3) We also saved on paying for a Solemnization Venue by having our solemnization done in the hotel. However, do note that some hotels do charge a rate ranging from $2,000 to $5,000 for using their venue outside of the ballroom. Goodwood Park hotel actually quoted me $3,000 to use their poolside for solemnization.

4) I didn’t get a wedding ring, and instead, my engagement ring also served as my wedding ring as I find it unnecessary to carry both rings. I also couldn’t find something that I really fancy after countless trips to the jewelry stores, and did not want to buy a ring just for the sake of buying.

Amount saved: $2,000

Areas we splurged on:
1) We engaged a 3 piece live band to play live music on our wedding day for a short span of 1.5hrs at $1,498.00. However, we felt that it was worth it for the nice ambience the live music had created and many guests actually enquired about the band after.

2) Dessert Booth and Peking Duck Booth. These are pre-lunch reception treats that we ordered for guests who arrived early, as by the time the lunch banquet officially starts, it’ll be close to 2pm already.

3) Rental of additional wedding gown at special rate of $500 from our bridal studio. Our wedding studio provides us with 2 actual day gowns but I wanted another gown for my solemnization. Although I admit it was quite a splurge for renting a gown that I only wore for less than 2 hours, I REALLY liked it and had budgeted for it and $500 was actually a steal with additional gowns costing from $800 to $1,000 each usually.

Costs we could have avoided:
While the above costs are splurges which we willingly paid, the below items could have been avoided as they have no added value to our wedding.

1) We topped up an additional $1,500 for extra 12 photos and for all hard copies for our pre-wedding photo shoot. Post wedding, we did not even bother to look at the photos again and felt that this amount could have been for better use.

2) We also topped up an additional cost of $500 for a more senior photographer (an Art Director featured in the Tatler magazine) to shoot our pre-wedding photo shoot. This was a total waste of money as the photographers are actually all equally good, and we weren’t exactly pleased with how the photos turned out as well.

3) I bought a Chanel earring for $490 for and only wore it once since my wedding. It was totally unnecessary, and now I feel like selling it on ebay already.

All in all, there was a potential $2,490 which we could have saved on.

I hope my unmarried friends could use this to plan their wedding better, and do remember not to get overly caught up in a one day event, as after all, it is the marriage that matters the most.

Happy planning!


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