8 thoughts on “Why I Love OCBC Bank!

  1. Wow, I didn’t know that OCBC bank provide such a good platform for tracking your expenses and break them into categories. I do agree with you that it is a great tool to provide busy (or lazy) people a channel to track their expenses!

    • Hi Spectraoflife,

      Yeah, I’m really impressed with OCBC bank. So impressed that I bought a lot of it’s shares awhile back at $9.43 with my CPF. You should check out their 360 account as well, it’s offering the highest interest rate of 3.05% right now among the different bank deposits.


  2. Thanks Jasmine, it’s really a useful tool.

    OCBC has also credited my bonus interest today (7 working days), and I got the salary bonus credit. Hopefully, next month onwards I can get all three tiers and maximize my returns with them!

    Keep up the good articles!

    • Hi Musicwhiz,

      Thanks for introducing me to the OCBC 360 account as well! Besides the cool 3.05% interest, I’m loving their online platform as well.


  3. Really nice write-up, Jas! I was speculative before especially since I thought that I would have to give up my citi premiermiles card.

    Have you tried using apps to track your daily expenses? I have been using an app called “Expense Manager” by Markus Hintersteiner on Android. I used to leverage on the expense analysis from credit card platforms when I do my analyze my spending month on month. I also used to manage my finances with an excel table model, governing my budget etc. However, even though I try my best to keep on top of things, I always felt like I was missing a trick.
    1. I don’t always get easy access to a tool that allows me to view my expenses to date (which relies on me remembering my limits while I’m about to make a purchase)
    2. I can sometimes lose track of how much I spend via cash-based transactions

    When I started using an expense tracking app, I started getting a deeper understanding of my spending pattern. And while initially thought that updating an app everytime I make a purchase was troublesome, I found that it wasn’t such a burden at all. Having a comprehensive view was so worth it.

    • Hello my friend! I’m using excel spreadsheets to track my expenses, investments and net worth (albeit not a lot). It’s becoming a habit that I constantly have to update them every other day. You’re right, it’s nice to have a comprehensive view on where we stand, and to see our savings grow month after month.


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