A year ago, I was a spendthrift and was debt ridden. My financial life was a huge mess, leading to other aspects of my life being in a mess as well. Money management and wealth accumulation is something not highly emphasised in our consumerist society, and we find ourselves indulging in material goods and living the high life (or trying to), having to pay for it at a later stage. I got myself into 18k worth of debt with nothing meaningful to show for.

I started my journey of debt elimination in December 2012, and fast forward to many months later, my debt had decreased significantly and I find myself in a positive net worth position. I hope to share my experience and to help others who were like me. Life is not just about the latest gadget, looking good, a designer bag or driving a fancy car. Nothing beats the feeling of having inner peace and a fat bank account, a high growth/ high dividend paying investment portfolio, or having a property that earns you passive income, and living a quality life with your loved ones. In short, nothing beats having financial security and the freedom to do what you want, whenever you want. Life is short, spend it meaningfully. In another words, live a rich life.


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