Frugality is not a bad word

People usually see being frugal as sacrificing the good things in life, and living life like a hermit. To me, it is simply a trade off for the not so important things, for the things that matter. Being frugal means being mindful of one’s spending. Just like it is important to be mindful of one’s health.

What I am trading off are stuff like buying 5 new dresses and a pair of heels a month, eating at expensive places (hawker food can be as good, at a fraction of the price and I don’t have to pay tax and service charge!), drinking and partying, doing mani and pedicure once every 2 weeks, and simply doing mindless shopping just because I’m bored. What am I “sacrificing? Things that doesn’t support my core value, for the things that meant the world to me. Things like being able to afford our first home, financial security, and a comfortable lifestyle are whats important right now.

Not everyone can embrace or accept frugality. If like me, you suddenly find yourself being frugal or saving money for things that matter, do not start going around lecturing your friends or close ones. It is exactly comments like “do you really need another dress?” or “you can save $300 a month by stop drinking coffee!” that annoys people and put frugality in a bad light. Your friends might enjoy shopping and buying stuff, but he or she might also be cutting down on areas like eating out at expensive places. We all have areas where we splurge on and areas that we cut down on. Remember, frugality is just a conscious effort to be mindful of one’s spending. It doesn’t have to rule your life.