The kind of life I want


Most of the time when someone ask us “what do you want in life?”, we would often think of the fancy lifestyle we see in movies, living in a huge mansion, driving a Porsche, flying in private jets and partying on our own private yacht. And then we are reminded of how much money is needed to fulfill such dreams, so we stopped dreaming and tell ourselves to go back to reality and be contended with our pathetic little lives.

However, having a fulfilling life does not mean we need to be living in a huge mansion, driving a fancy car or having an endless supply of designer clothes to wear. Rather than asking yourself what kind of life you want (most people would either want a fancy lifestyle, or they do not know what they want), ask yourself what is important to you in life. More often than not, the things we want are actually very very simple.

The kind of life I want…

Being able to prepare breakfast for my loved ones every morning. Have a nice peaceful meal with them in our nice, cozy little apartment and see them off to work and school. Career wise, I’ll probably be working in a charity organization or with a welfare group or even my own company where I can focus on helping people who are in need. I would opt for a job where I can make a difference in others’ lives, than be in a high paying corporate job. I’ll have the luxury of working flexible hours, to be able to head home before everyone else, to prepare a sumptuous dinner for my loved ones.

Weekends will consist of waking up early, heading out for some shopping, or simply finding family activities to do. We will head out to different restaurants for brunch every week. In the evening, we will bring our kids to meet up with family members and friends, to do potlucks and dinners at one another’s place.

Every few months, we will go on short vacations to neighboring countries. Once a year, we will head to more exotic locations like the States or to Europe for a longer vacation.

I will be around to watch my kids grow up, be with them through their different life stages, rather than being stuck in a office job that robs me of my time and freedom.

What I have stated above are very simple pleasures in life which does not require living in a big mansion, driving fancy cars or owning a private jet. It does not require ALOT of money. However, financial freedom is much needed for my loved ones and I to indulge in such simple pleasure in our current society. We need money for us to choose what job we like to do. To be able to say no to high paying jobs which require many working hours in the office. We need money to indulge in our weekend treats at different restaurants. We need money to go on regular vacations, especially for a family with kids. We need money to buy our nice cozy apartment and to maintain it.

This is what money means to me. It is for me to buy time and freedom. I am saving really hard now. To build up a decent level of savings and investment portfolio, which can help me generate passive income in years to come. I hope to have my second and third properties as well, to generate passive incomes for me and my loved ones to live the kind of simple life we want.

How do you want to live your life? Start planning now and live it 🙂